Published By: Rinks

How To Choose The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

Every face shape looks good on a particular kind of haircut. Here are some haircuts you need to choose if you have these kinds of face cuts. 

You should know by now that there is more to consider than simply your hair texture when selecting the ideal cut. How a haircut feels on you depends significantly on your hair type and facial structure. So, identifying your face shape is as important as remembering your hair type. And if you follow the advice in this article, you'll find the process much less challenging. Therefore, we have included some hairstyles that work well with various face forms. Have a look at the following to learn about them all.

Round Face

Use a haircut with layers to frame the face in exciting ways. The variety of hairdos is not limited by any particular length of hair. Consider a bob cut if the hair is below the shoulders. Below the jawline is where the foundation should start. Curling your hair away from your face might help you appear thinner. Also, long hair will lengthen your face, so that's a plus. If you have a round face and want to style your hair into curls but avoid attracting attention, adopt a less formal style.

Oval Face

You may wear your hair extremely short without drawing attention to the fact that your face is too small for the length of your hair. To soften the sharp edges of your short haircut, leave the top a touch longer. If you want to frame your face and highlight features, consider getting some long layers cut into your hair, starting around the chin. The same goes for hairstyles; short and sleek ones can do wonders for drawing attention to your face and other positive attributes.

Square Face

If you want to look more approachable, try a side part. Keep the cutting shallow if you want people to focus on something other than how sharp your face is. Make your long hair into a flattering lob by adding layers to frame your face and draw attention to your cheekbones. Keep the ends of your hair short and tapered. If you'd like to show off a great jawline while sporting short hair, go for a bob that ends at or just above the shoulders. It's essential to give the hair some texture. It would work with even curly hair. Avoid overly large curls by adding volume to the roots instead.

Diamond Face

Diamond features benefit significantly from short hairstyles like pixie cuts & lobs because they elongate the eyes and provide the illusion of a narrower face and softer jawline. Choose options with more texture and avoid ones with rounded corners. If your mane is long, you may start layering it at the jaw. Alternately, curl your hair and add volume to it to soften the appearance of your cheekbones. Draw attention to your cheekbones by wearing your hair in a high, sleek style. Get lengthy bangs or have them brushed to one side.