How to choose the best toothpaste for you?

The proper choice of toothpaste is of utmost importance for your oral health.

Toothpaste is a gel-type material that is applied to the toothbrush for clearing and maintaining the hygiene of the mouth. There are numerous kinds of toothpaste in the market letting you confused everytime you buy one. The perfect toothpaste for you is not that hard to select. But you have to invest some time to go through the ingredients and understand the need for your teeth. For example, whitening toothpaste may not be suitable for the prevention of tooth decay. Without further delay let’s find out the perfect toothpaste for you.

Fluoride based toothpaste:

Fluoride is the essential compound for any toothpaste. This mineral strengthens the tooth and prevents decay. So always choose a toothpaste with a good amount of fluoride.

Toothpaste with anti-plaque properties:

Plaque in the tooth is a common problem. The plaque accumulates various bacteria that in turn enhance the risk of gum diseases. The plaque usually hardens over teeth and form thick tartar. If the toothpaste contains zinc citrate, pyrophosphate, triclosan, and any such compounds, then this is the best for you to remove plaque as well as kill oral bacteria.

Toothpaste with whitening properties:

If the intention is to whiten your teeth, then abrasives and detergents are the best compounds. Mostly the teeth turn into a yellow tinge, and abrasives help in reducing it. Some toothpaste contains carbamide peroxides and Sodium lauryl sulfate which help in removing the stains. Always remember that toothpaste cannot remove the stains completely. You need proper dentist’s care to whiten your teeth.

Desensitizing toothpaste:

Sensitivity is also a common problem for many. When you eat something very cold like ice cream, your teeth sensitivity increases. The compounds like strontium chloride and potassium nitrate are the best option to reduce that condition. If you are affected by sensitivity issues of your teeth, these are the compounds that should be included in your toothpaste. They help in blocking the dental tubule and transmission of sensation. By this, they hide the dental nerve from experiencing the sensitivity.

Natural toothpaste:

Some persons are allergic to toothpaste with chemicals. For them, the herbal extract may be effective. Natural toothpaste contains neem, charcoal, and other gum protecting chemicals extracted from plants. These are clinically proven toothpaste for oral hygiene.

Toothpaste for children:

Children’s teeth are strong and they don’t need extra fluoride from outside. Usually, these types of toothpaste contain less amount of abrasives and mineral content as kids have white teeth. Moreover, they love to use toothpaste with flavoring agents.

Toothpaste for smokers:

Smokers develop deep-colored tinges on their teeth. The tobacco leaves a strong yellowish-brown tinge over teeth. So sufficient amount of abrasives should be there to remove the tinge. Furthermore, smokers should buy toothpaste that provides fresh breath.

Teeth hygiene is important for survival. Because this is the starting point of the digestive system. Many modern-day diseases start from the mouth like mouth ulcers, tumors, and so on. Bad air from the mouth or non-white teeth is not acceptable on many platforms. So you should always take care of your oral health. You can visit a doctor before selecting the perfect toothpaste for you.

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