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How to combat Decision Fatigue and Take Decisions easily?

If we really think about it, our brain is much like a courtroom, in many ways.

And learning to avoid decision fatigue has helped me deal with the proceedings beyond therapeutic means. It wasn’t an easy pursuit in the beginning. Decision fatigue came in disguise of many unsuspecting behaviors. For example, I’d frequently fall asleep on my couch, and find myself waking up late the next day and hurry through my morning to scramble to work. It didn’t happen overnight, took me years to really get my head around this particular issue and properly solve the real culprit of all my frustrations: decision fatigue of course.

It is the very same productivity killer that we face on an average at least 35,000 times every day. It is not really humanly possible to count the exact numbers of decisions we have to make each day, but the above number, is somewhat close. It is no lesser than 35,000.

We are all making decisions every moment, all the time, throughout the day, it starts from whether to put extra salt in your dinner, and ends in what podcasts to listen to while on your way back home. All these decisions keep on killing our productivity.

Taking each and every decision requires formidable amounts of time and energy. If we aren’t careful, we can pile up on the backlog with frivolous cases— for instance when to eat, what should be an appropriate attire, what is to be done. If this is how our daily routine proceeds the only job that gets done is wearing out our mental “court” and we will be left with no energy. How to get rid of this situation? What is the solution?

To combat decision fatigue I have come up with these simple steps that work the best:

Let us focus on making fewer decisions. Making life simple really helps. We have to learn how to make an effort to eliminate decisions.

Having a process for making decisions always helps a great deal. We can develop particular systems pertaining to all the inevitable decisions, this can help us respond to decision fatigue with minimal effort.

Another trick is to create powerful routines. It’s the best way to eliminate the inherent choices present in the important aspects of our lives.

If we keep on following these three steps, we will have no fear of the decision fatigue.

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