How to completely seal the deal and get investment from investors?

This information would help you to decide which particular investor will be suitable for your investment.

Indian startups attract millions of investments, but it is also true that early-stage startups are in great danger as they face difficulties in raising funds.

Talk to other companies they have invested in

Reach out to other executives and founders of other companies to know about your potential investors, therefore, you will be able to know about how hands-on they will be, the type of advice or value they will provide as well as to understand the overall experience.

How they handle negativity

The one and the only way to find out the character of your potential investor is to go through all tough times. In order to stimulate that potential, keep negative news in front of them and gauge their reaction. How the investors handle it will speak volumes.

Acknowledge the value they can provide except money

Always ask your investor to articulate what value exactly they can provide beyond money. If they can confidently as well as clearly articulate their value, then you must not move forward with the deal. Always ask them about how they can deliver this value to some other investment and how same they can do for you.

Research your investors online

It is kind of amazing that you can find out about an entity or person by doing some research online. Always research their background and find out all the red flags, and prior investments, and also check business websites, and LinkedIn profiles for more in-depth information. Always look for potential red flags and validate all statements with social media as well as the amount of content published online. By doing this everyone can uncover and verify a lot about those individuals and entities.

Also, find out about their interest in learning from you

It should be based on an obvious pattern and this can be found out by looking at the attire portfolio as well as the relationship they have with other companies. Whatever their designation is, first and foremost they are human beings. It is very important to have a thirst for gaining knowledge, someone with broad experience, and many more authentic qualities.

Back channel references

If you really want to o a full vet, ask questions, lots of intellectual questions about investment. Find out about the companies they have invested in to gain assurance.

Are you also looking for an investor to seal the deal? Then kindly go through the above-mentioned steps to have a clear idea.


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