How to cope with stress from office work

Find your own way of destressing with these easy steps!

A long productive day often leaves you tired from stress, both physical and mental. There’s no reason to think that those who work from their desks do not suffer from physical stress. More often than not they suffer from migraines, neck and back pain. Besides this there’s a huge chunk of mental stress that can leave you demotivated for the next day. Here’s a few ways to destress after office hours:

A good thorough shower or bath- Yes you do not feel like it sometimes and feel hungry and tired more than clearing dirt off your body, but this is one of the very first things to do. Since your body goes through a long and tiring process which requires both physical and mental focus, chances are your body gets overheated. The ideal thing to do at this point is taking a proper shower or drawing up a warm bath which will relax you from head to toe.

A good book- This can be a relaxing way to tend to your personal needs. This can be any book of your choice, a magazine or even an audiobook. Educating yourself about any area of interest that you have satisfies the need to gain knowledge in an aspect that is not an obligation in your day-to-day life and can prove to be a very relaxing session.

A cup of tea and silence- If engaging in a conversation seems to be too tiring at the end of the day then get some “me” time. There can be a very special space in your home where you spend a silent time with a cup of tea. Chamomile tea is one way to go for a healthy tea option while you think about life, how things are, where you would want to be in future. This sort of focus and reassessment of an entire day can help you figure out your life goals and orient your schedule to fit essential things that you want from your life.

Cook, sing, dance at your will- Again this is your personal space you are free to express yourself in ways that help you vent out and destress without depending on another person who will act as an emotional support. This will also help you have a good relationship with others as you won’t feel the need to talk about a boring day at the office.

You can try all of these mechanisms together or separately, whatever suits your needs the best!

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