How to create an appealing business proposal

Business proposals are an interesting way to communicate your services to a client in order to solve their problem.

Before illustrating the ways in which you can create an appealing business proposal, let’s find out what a business proposal actually is. It is a formally written document which is created by an organization so that the organization can secure an agreement with another business. You can also say that the aim of a proposal is to sell its products or services to another business that can solve an existing problem. So now let’s look at the ways in which you can create a strong appealing business proposal.

Create an appealing cover page bearing an attractive title

In this page you have to clearly state the name of your organization, your name, the date of submitting your proposal and name of the person you are submitting to. The cover page should be created in such a professional way that it sets the tone of the writing inside.

A table of contents with links direct to the pages

The key is to make everything easily accessible to your reader and for that you have to create a table of contents that bears the proper page number of the points you have elaborated. If you do not do this, then no one will be willing to search for information in your writing. You have to put everything on a plate and place it in front of the reader.

Write an executive summary and highlight the main points

In this part of the proposal you have to clearly state why you are approaching the client and what solution you have in your bag. Be specific in this section and highlight the unique things that you are going to offer in this deal.

Describe the problem and state the solution to that problem

In a business proposal you are providing a solution to a problem. So you have to clearly state the problem and all the possible consequences of the problem. Additionally, you have to provide the solution that you can provide for that problem and what can be the possible outcome of the solution.

Clearly state the terms and conditions

If your proposal gets selected then you have to come into an agreement and in order to have a strong agreement, all the terms and conditions have to be clearly stated in the beginning. This will make your client stay clear in the area of what to expect from you in this business relationship.

If you follow these steps closely then no one can stop you from sealing the deal.

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