How To Cut Bangs Like A Pro At Home

Wish to cut the perfect bangs all by yourself at home? Here is the trick!

You must have spent hours adoring your freshly cut hairstyle in front of the perfectly lit washroom mirror, but the sad part is it does not last longer than a week. The same cut will outgrow into lanky waves, and eventually, you will wrap it all up in a messy bun way behind your hairline. The one style that totally changes your look is cutting bangs. It not only makes your forehead fuller, but it also makes you look younger and trendier. Wish you could master the art of cutting bangs all by yourself? Here it is!

Before getting started, you need to assort your tools. The right supplies have a big hand in making your cut perfect. You will need a comb, large hair clips and pointed scissors. Do not use the regular scissors used to cut paper at home. Get yourself a new pair and keep it separately.

Though it does not take time, the preparation and understanding of your hair alignment will take long. Make sure you never schedule the haircut just before heading out of your home!

Dry And Style Your First Bangs-

You must have noticed your hair shrinks when it dries. Once you cut your bangs in wet hair, they might go way up than you expected. The best way to go about it is to wet your hair, then blow-dry to have it back to its original plain. Make sure you make a section and separate the bangs from the rest of your hair with the help of the clips. If you have curly or wavy hair in front. Make sure you straighten it out with a comb. Cut the bangs slightly an inch longer than you intend and chop them in a straight line.

Style The Bangs-

Once you are done with slitting the bangs and happy with the length, you have to style it right every time you go out. Humidity, wind and pollution can mess with your bands and make them curl unnecessarily. Always pull down your bangs to cover a little more than your eyebrows. You can straighten them carefully to have a natural blend with the rest of your hair.

Chip The Ends-

Your bangs need constant attending to. Ensure the bangs are not just cut in a straight line but chipped at the ends to give a natural look.

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