How to deal If you are a maladaptive daydreamer?

Set limited boundaries with fantasies and bring up your working smoothness again! 

Who doesn’t love to dream! For achieving a great success in your life or having a slow light sleep at night, dreaming works as a beautiful bridge that promises to give us joys and sorrows. But what to say if you’re daydreaming frequently? Few people used to make themselves stuck in fantasies through daydreaming and thus everyday’s works can’t stay in smoothness. This type of daydreaming is called maladaptive daydreaming. Let’s figure out about the dealing methods of maladaptive daydreaming.

Find out the triggering points : Figure out the places  

If the daydreaming starts with the feeling in a particular venue, then you need to figure out the venues first and have a list of them. Try to deal with tricky positions whenever you go because it’s not possible to avoid straight away as any work or other stuff might be regarding that place.

Keep yourself busy : Productive think with productive work

The main cause of daydreaming which we neglect often is we can’t find or switch for a work which is worth productive and can give us full engagement. Start your day with past-created packed up schedules in which you get zero chance to be near with daydream options. For this purpose, multitasking can be an outstanding idea to deal with.

Calculate times : Think how to reduce

You can’t resist your daydreaming within one day but the thing you can do to resist the increase of daydreaming is to have a strong calculation of how many times you’re facing the tendencies. Take a note of that and set your device to take the exact number of times you’re facing daydreams. Try to deduct the number slowly as much as you can. Thus the zero time daydreaming will be achieved.

Quality sleep : Set a strong boundary

If you’re daydreaming then definitely you are not getting enough sleep on your bedtime. Several causes can be behind this like news feed scrolling before going to bed, having too much caffeine, staying in stress, scheduling late night work etc. Start to remind yourself first that you have to go to sleep timely and have to quit late night work. Bath showers and relaxing music can help to sleep better. You can have a book reading or audiobook listening too.

Productive daydreaming : A huge influencer

If your daydream is filled with so many inspirations and enthuses, then you can go on to use it as an influencer! try to notice and differentiate first whether your daydream is carrying productive stuff. If yes, try to utilise that in your daily works and you can be a witness of magical happenings.

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