How to deal with anger in a heathy way

Let’s not fly off the handle.

It’s hard to think straight when you feel anger throbbing inside. Not many can turn anger on and off like a faucet. Sometimes it a certain person who gets on your nerves constantly, or situations and not everyone can immediately forgive and let go of resentment. The negative emotions associated with anger can affect oneself and the people around. Feeling these emotions are justified and doesn’t make you a bad person.

To deal with anger is to find a balance between embracing anger and releasing it. It is not possible to not feel angry, so dealing with anger means finding a healthy way to express it. If you don’t express the anger and try to bury it, the resentment and the pent-up big emotions tend to an explosive rage. To keep that in check, here’s a few ways to effectively deal with anger in a healthy way.

Admit that you are angry

Be honest with yourself: Admit you are pissed off. You might feel compelled to forgive and move on but burying your anger is not healthy or wise. Admitting to yourself that you are angry at the moment is a step towards healthy management. Just saying the words “I am so mad right now” can help.

Vent cautiously

If you are constantly talking about what angers you, it might do less good. That doesn’t mean you keep it bottled up. The healthy thing to do is to figure out if the venting is doing you good or bad. If venting puts you in a worse mood than before, perhaps take time to assess.

Try starting an anger diary

Instead of lashing out on a rage, try keeping an anger diary. In anger, its hard to be logical or be reasonable. Putting everything on paper, all the emotions on paper can help regulate it.

Assess situations from afar

Like a fly on the wall, try to look at the situation from an impersonal perspective. Watch the events happen and even use third person pronouns to healthily address the negative emotions you are feeling.

Identify the triggers

What triggers your anger? Are their certain people, their behavior, or a feeling of powerlessness that’s triggering the anger? If you an identify them, you can brace yourself to regulate your anger when you are surrounded by them.

Step away for some time

If you are feeling overwhelmed, walking away from the situation to cool down might be a way to regulate your anger. The time you take will let you process everything in your head before acting out in rage.

When in anger, get physical

A healthy distraction when angry can do a lot of good. Feeling angry? Go on a rage run, clean the house, a power walk around the building, all helps in metabolizing the chemicals when in anger and gather your thoughts.


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