How to deal with being lonely in a new city

One of the most daunting things about moving to a new city is that you might not know many people, and the ones you do are busy and not able to meet. It is common to feel lonely in this circumstance. However, don’t feel that you are alone in this. It is common, and though natural, here are some tips on how you can deal with it.

Find what interests you –This is something that you need to do to survive in any city. Lucky for you, every metropolitan city nowadays has a ton of facilities that you can access. For example, if you are interested in sports, go look for local clubs or sport-facilities near you. If you are interested in watching films and plays, find those around you so that you can go out. If friends are too busy, go on your own. You can be a good company for yourself. If there is some kind of class that you can engage yourself in, nearby do that. You will have some kind of engagement and interaction with people also there, and that can be good for you.

Go to a café and work – One of the best things to do is to take your work to a café and sit down and do it there. The thing is even if you are alone, there will be people around you and just that public setting will be helpful and keep you amidst people. It prevents loneliness.

Try and be social – Find people who you share interests with. Go meet them and make plans with them. Don’t be shy and on your own. They might turn out to be huge support systems to you, and at least you will remain engaged.

Read books and enjoy solitude – Sometimes, the above is also not easy to do, especially if you are busy. One of the best things that you can do is take up books to read and enjoy the solitude. Your mind will therefore remain engaged and you will be entertained. It will curb the loneliness for sure.

Make friends with people from your workplace – While cafes and sport-clubs are social settings you can go in, don’t hesitate to make friends with people from your workplace. Although it is professional, it is easy place to make new friends, and find things in common. Don’t shy away from having that coffee with your co-worker!

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