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How to deal with distractions of the computer screen?

We all know that distractions are bad, but what is worse is our collective misconceptions about this.

More often than not we will find ourselves be blindsided with the computer screen, even when we are aware that distractions are bad and computer screen is the foremost medium for that, in present day and age.

In this burnout drill that our society is gloriously going all gaga about, most of us will get praises if we can manage to get a dozens of tasks done at one go. We call it multitasking. Our attention span is split between these 12 tasks, and we don’t even understand the repercussions it brings along.

Now when we talk about people who are able to retain their focus and can concentrate even in an intrusive environment, the society will go on to praise their focus. How about making the environment intrusion-free, calming for better productivity?

And when we talk about all those people who can eliminate their distractions? Our society will shun them as boring and work-obsessed. Well, at least they have their productivity and wits about to speak for themselves.

We have to keep in mind that every distraction, even when we talk all about “ignoring” it is yet another layer of hurdle that we have to cross, it majorly effects our cognitive abilities. We need to shun this entire fad about postmodern distraction-ridden workplaces, this will help us to be more focused and keep our decision-making skills intact and active for the day.

Computer screens can be a major source of distractions that we might have noticed. But all that can be fixed in a manner of minutes. Here are the precautions that we can take:

First thing’s first, we can change our new tab. Each and every time we go on to open a new tab in the browser we use, there will be website thumbnails, or bookmarks, and not to forget those god awful advertisements that will present us with a thousand different choices that we would rather not make.  There is a simple solution to this. We can reduce the new tab to a minimalist, empty, blank page. There are a few simple steps you can follow to do that.

The next thing is to simplify the desktop. If you notice that you have cluttered your desktop will all the unwanted files and links to different kinds of applications, you can do away with using them every time you open your computer. Go ahead and move all your documents to a folder called “desktop docs”. Then sort it out inside that folder and place every document to its rightful place.

And last but not the least; hide all the unwanted apps that you seldom use.

Go ahead choose a minimalist desktop, it will calm you and increase on your productivity.

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