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How To Deal With Getting Cold Feet On Your Wedding

Nervous about the wedding, or getting pre-wedding anxiety? Call it whatever, the truth is, majority of brides and grooms feel anxious about their wedding. Are you feeling this way? Here’s what you need to do!

Take a moment to calm down and examine your feelings. Finding out the root cause of your feelings can lead you towards a more stable and healthy relationship or prevent you from making a huge life-changing mistake. In either case, the time to tackle the problem is now.

An overall feeling of anxiety regarding a wedding is normal. After all, it’s an important move you’re taking. If you’re feeling anxious but still exuberant, it’s likely those pre-wedding nerves.

The Signs That Point To Calling Off The Wedding

If you’ve learned that your potential spouse is suffering from illegal substance addiction and is not recovering.

If your potential spouse has been violent toward you.

If he has been deceitful or unfaithful.

If the thought of getting married has made you feel anxiety rather than joy for longer than a month.

If you aren’t sure whether or not you should have children.

Most of your family friends do not like your potential spouse.

If you’re taking it on because you’re too embarrassed to cut it off, or you’re concerned about hurting your partner.

Wedding Planning Stress Disguised As Jitters

It is important to distinguish between stressing about wedding planning and stressing about your wedding. Being stressed about the little things doesn’t suggest that you shouldn’t marry the one you love. Instead, maybe it’s an indication that you require assistance or need to reduce the size of your wedding. Then, of course, you can always opt for getting married.

Strategies To Overcome Pre-Wedding Jitters

Write down your worries. If you do, they’re written down; it becomes silly. If not, note down the possible solutions to each issue should the situation arise. For example, worries about losing your identity may be addressed by not changing your surname or picking up new interests.

Find out if the jitters you are experiencing are anxiety about being married or concerns about this particular relationship.

Stop wedding planning. Everything will be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Create at least one night every week as a “wedding-free area” where you cannot discuss the wedding.

Write down the best moments of your relationship, such as your first date and the moment you were in love, and the tale of your wedding.

Note down all the positive aspects of being a married couple.

Chat with couples who are happily married and ask them for the secrets to their success.

See a couple or an individual Therapist.

Consult Rabbi, priest, or an experienced friend.

Bring back the romance by taking an intimate weekend, cooking dinner together, and relaxing and pampering each other.

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