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How to distance ourselves from decision-draining?

It’s important to detach ourselves from indecisions and people are the utmost conductors of this disease called indecision.

When we spend most of our times with decision draining friends, we fail to notice how we also start to diminish our own control over making decisions. Indecisive friends can quickly deplete our decision-making powers. We need to remember to keep ourselves surrounded with people who are capable in making wise decisions themselves and then don’t keep on putting the responsibility of taking decisions back to you.

But then, there will be chances that we can’t avoid such situations when we will be stuck with people who struggle with making decisions. You can help them with the struggle and get them to decide better and wiser and faster. All of us have been undecided in certain matters of our lives, at certain points. I can say for myself, as a recovering indecisive, I have tried some of these methods that have helped me immensely to decide better.

This one works like a charm. You can always opt to take turns. Indecisive people might even feel a little less guilty presenting us with a choice once they know that we are already sharing this decision making burden alongside them, they are not alone in this battle against decision making.

There will be situations where you might need to make decisions together frequently with someone, if they are also struggling with decision making you can offer to switch back and forth when it comes to take a decision. This way you both share the burden.

You can always ask for two choices. When there are too many to count on and zero down to, people who struggle with decision making can deal better with their fear of decision making because of their reputations being on stake on the outcome. What you can do instead is ask for their two top choices and then you can go ahead and pick one among the two for them.

If you want to help someone with decision making the first thing you should do is to compliment them. Once you start appreciating someone’s choice, they will be more comfortable to decide the next time. You can even complement people even when you don’t like the choices they make. All you have got to do is find something unique about that decision.

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