Published By: Rinks

How To Encourage Your Kids To Look On The Bright Side

Kids are easily distressed over small things. Here are some ways to help your kids look at the silver lining.

Even if you don't think so, being able to see the silver lining in each scenario is an essential talent that will help you keep going in life. Strength of character is born out of having trust in what is good and being able to deal with adversity. Because of this, the importance of teaching students to always find the silver lining is important. Here is how to do it.

The Daily Routine of Praying Morning and Night

It's important to instill in kids the habit of giving thanks to God every night before bed for the day's events and opportunities. It doesn't matter if it's a happy or sad time. They need to learn to accept and give thanks for the circumstances they're dealing with by declaring, "Whatever God does, she does so for our good." Before beginning our daily activities, we should likewise say a similar prayer.

The Hope Found in Adversity

Instruct young people to search for the silver lining in each dark situation. Advise them to make a habit of looking for the tiniest glimmer of good in every challenging situation. If your child and his or her buddy had a major disagreement, you may try asking the children to think about and look for anything nice about their friend. Remind them of all the times their friend came through for them.

Do Some Work on Your Emotions

In any circumstance, it is up to us to decide what course of action to take. Explain to your kids that we have a choice to be miserable and hang onto our complaints and resentment, or we may let go and move forward, hoping that tomorrow will be better. Instruct them to favor mercy over revenge, compassion over hate, and optimism over pessimism.

Be Optimistic

An optimist sees even the most challenging situations as educational challenges. They consider themselves more fortunate than those who first found success since they were able to learn from a wider variety of experiences. So, remind your children to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

Don't Judge Based on Age

Sometimes kids will become really absorbed in solving an issue. It may be the end of everything for them. That's when you need to explain to them that adversity is a part of life and that they're not alone. Problems never ring the bell before showing up. It will barge right in, regardless of how old you are.