Published By: Elisa Ghosh

How to fight your inner demons

Who exactly are these devils we own within our minds? The ones who claim we are not intelligent enough, good enough or deserving of anything?

The “dementors” from the Harry Potter series are analogous to inner demons. They drain your joy, leaving you with sadness, insecurity and worry. You must tame this dragon and maintain control over it rather than letting it rule your life. Otherwise, negative thinking makes life difficult. You do not need negativity in your life for sure!

Acknowledge them

Leave them alone and pay attention to them. Take note of what they are trying to convey. They claim you are incapable of doing something. Do they make you feel uneasy about your appearance? Or are they making you think too much about something unimportant? So pay attention to what they have to say. Confront them because they serve as a warning that you are being prevented from accomplishing the possible by your own beliefs and deeds. The first step in dealing with them is being self-aware.

Think about your fond memories

When your demons are attempting to drag you down, focus on your pleasant recollection. You will be able to find your happy place again and recognise that you are capable of great things in life as a result of this. Moreover, eventually, your demons will be tired of making you unhappy.

Give yourself some leeway

Inform your inner demons to arrive tomorrow rather than today. Inform them that you are a person and that you occasionally make mistakes that you will eventually correct.

Keep battling and do not give up

Giving up is the worst thing you can do. You cannot submit to them and accept mediocrity in your life. You are more likely to succeed in the end if you resist the urge to give up when a particular circumstance begs you to do so.

Engage in a challenging workout

Long runs are effective for clearing your head of clutter. A rigorous workout is a terrific method to challenge yourself and drive mental demons from your thoughts. After a challenging workout, a small dose of adrenaline will help you relax.

Consider the movie “Inside Out”, and allow the good feelings to rule

Imagine the demons as the ill feelings from the film "Inside Out". You store positive memories that later turn into enduring memories when you make pleasant recollections. You must give each emotion the credit that it deserves.

So next time a thought demon shows up, force him to sit down and fight it your way.