How to find out your spirit animal

Finding the inner you.

We all have heard the word spirit animal a lot, but nobody has a clear picture of what it is. Mostly we judge a spirit animal by their matching characteristics with our personality and think that is our spirit animal but is this the right way to find out? As per Native American tradition, spirit animals are an embodied form of a spiritual guide. Spiritual guides can be in whatever way we are willing to see them, and it is natural for people to connect with theirs through the face of a familiar animal. You can feel drawn to one or more than one animal and it may change over years. So to understand what your spirit animal is, you have to understand the following things.

 Pay attention to your dreams.

Dreams often reveal the deep down emotions of ours we didn’t know existed. It is the subconscious mind which brings up the inner desire and emotions during a dream. /the information that we didn’t register consciously but our subconscious part has taken note of. Our dreams are closely connected to our real lives, so every time you see an animal in your dream, write it down the next morning. If there is any particular animal that comes up again and again in your dream that could be your spirit animal.

Think about connecting with a particular animal

In childhood we all have been drawn to a particular animal, whether it is towards their looks or their behaviour, we felt that connection. Your spirit animal can be your favouriteanimal , a beloved pet, or just a wild animal that you are always drawn to.

 Write about the animals that you feel drawn to

Journalling often helps us find out the pattern of our thoughts. That is why it is advisable to write down all your thoughts to have a better understanding and a clear picture of them.

But before writing the journal it is better to calm yourself down and evaluate your thoughts by sitting down and doing a quick 5-minute meditation. It also gives you room for your intuition. Then, think of that one animal that has a special meaning to you and asks yourself,’ If this animal were my guardian spirit, what lessons will it teach me about power and inner strength? ‘Complete this exercise multiple times and see which animal you actually think about the most.

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