How to find your lost cat

First: Don’t panic.

A lost cat is heartbreaking to a cat parent. Especially if your cat has slipped out and haven’t returned even after repeated calling. Chances are your cat is in heat, seeking an adventure, or just gone for a stroll. Ofcourse worst case scenario could mean you cat involved in a fight, run over by vehicles, or bitten by snakes. But to think of the absolute worst when your cat goes missing helps no one.

First, you must not panic and figure out what to do next to help locate your cat. Here’s how you do it.

Start at your home

Cats might find cracks and crevices and places to hide for some seclusion right inside the house. So, before you panic and cross parks and streets to go looking for your cat, check inside the house. Chimneys, behind the fridge, under the sink or some space that can hold a hiding cat. Also indoor cats that sneak out do not venture too far. So check your yard and look in the shrubbery, under the decks, benches, bushes.

Involve your neighbours

Let your neighbour know that your cat has gone missing. Your neighbour might have seen your cat and can give useful info about the last time they saw your cat. Also, ask for their permission to search their grounds to see if your cat is hiding there.

Leave a baby monitor on the porch

Leave food and water along with a baby monitor on the porch. Should your cat come by for food, the monitor will alert you.

Alert your nearby animal shelter

If your cat has been hurt and taken in to a shelter, it is wise to have a look there.

Leave out food and water

Cats get tired and they are territorial. When they get hungry, they may follow the scent of the food to come back home.

Put up posters and fliers

Make a poster of your missing cat. Put them up on posts, shops, and distribute them door to door so more people will know what your cat looks like. Leave your contact number in the poster.

Put up ad and incentivize bringing your cat back

Offer a reward in the flier for anyone who can bring your cat back or offer information. However, never send the money before getting your cat personally.

Repeat and recheck same spots

Most people check a few spots and give up. If a cat is known to visit that spot, make sure to check it multiple times a day.


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