How To Free Up Your Phone Storage: Decluttering Phone Storage

Phone storage is an infinite black hole that sucks up all the space and clearing it to make more space becomes a daunting task. Here’s a guide on how to keep your device storage clutter-free.

Remember when androids didn’t have 64 GB storage and we could still use it pretty much for years? Now even with 128 GB storage space, we wonder how it keeps clogging all that phone space within months of usage.

After trying out a few “clutter-free hacks”, here’s what I learned.

Delete unused apps

There would always be a bunch of apps at the back of your phone which never come in use but hang there and hog storage space. Go to settings and apps to see your least-used apps and uninstall them at once.

Clear Cache

More often than not, we forget to clear cache regularly which slows down the phone quite a bit. To counter that, I generally clear cache in the morning even before switching the internet on.

Store Photos in Cloud

Say aye if you can’t go on a day without taking at least a few screenshots. Couple that with the number of selfies that we take at a go and within no time, our phone easily has thousands of pictures that take up a lot of storage space. Move the photos to cloud storage and your device storage remains vacant.

Clear Storage

As a frequent texter, we tend to exchange several gifs, photos, voice notes which hog the storage space unnecessarily. Go to settings and storage to clean all the unnecessary gifs and photos that you have forwarded to multiple people.

For third-party apps like WhatsApp and Facebook, you can check the device storage folders to find the large attachments or the sent folder to delete pictures that might have been saved multiple times due to forwarding.

Delete App Data

Large apps at times keep a lot of data that can be cleaned to free more storage space.

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