How to get over overthinking?

Overthinking is the death of mental stableness. Once we get into the loop of overthinking it simply keeps on tangling us into its spiraling web.

You know when people overthink? It’s when they keep on worrying about their future. They come up with all sorts of possibilities and try to predict what problems these possibilities can cause. They want to be ready with a solution when that imagined reality hits them hard. People expend all their energies trying to control their futures and assert their will into how things might turn up or try to resist what they don’t want to happen.

Overthinking is futile

More often than not, if we worry about something, or even try to come up with solutions, they don’t help us much. What worrying about things does is just an exercise in futility. It’s not just wasting your precious time on things that we have zero control over. All it does is lead us to feel in distress or make us paranoid, restlessness gives monumental rise to our anxiety, even it can lead us to chronic depression. Worrying doesn’t help us one bit, rather it harms our psyche on a deep level.

There is no positive side to overthinking

We do not achieve anything out of this tenuous practice. I will never offer us any better outcomes as we might mistakenly hope. When in actuality all overthinking does is drain us of our precious energies and make us stall our work, leave our decisions pending, keep our plans hanging.

Overthinking affects our physical health. It tires us and physically wears us out and we simply suffer from a lack of energy to do anything under the sun.

What is the way out of this tenuous habit then? How do we get rid of overthinking?

What we need to do is be aware and recognize what is the thing that’s bothering us and taking us into that spiral. We have to recognize whether we do have any control over that or not, in case we don’t have any control over it, there is no point dwelling on it.

We have to actively focus on the things we actually have some sort of control over. Once we recognize them we plan accordingly. We focus on the things that we need to do to achieve our desired outcome, but we have to pursue that feat being absolutely dispassionate.

It ultimately boils down to us reclaiming our calm.