Published By: Elisa Ghosh

How to get rid of sleepiness

It’s tempting to go for an energy or caffeinated drink to keep awake during the day when you receive less sleep.

Unbelievably, using these drinks to ward off sleepiness can create a vicious cycle and yes, caffeine will keep you alert, but the effects might last for up to eight hours. This indicates that it may shorten your sleep duration and lower the quality of your sleep.

Move around and get up to feel awake

If you sit at a desk all day, get up periodically and take quick strolls. When it's time for a break, go for a stroll to a restaurant or, if you brought lunch, look for a beautiful place to eat it. You will feel more awake and rejuvenated whether you stroll outside or just around the office building. Energy gets booted for two hours after the 0 minutes of walk. This is because walking moves oxygen through your veins, muscles, and brain.

Taking a nap will help you feel less sleepy

Two things about naps to keep in mind: don't take more than one, and avoid taking them too close tonight. It can be awkward to nap while working and you must take a nap at work, do it during your break, and if required, use a vibrating alarm clock to ensure that it does not extend into working hours. Although it is generally not a good idea to sleep at your desk, several businesses now provide employees with nap rooms. If you cannot sleep, even 10 minutes or so of peaceful, eye-closed rest will be beneficial.

Eat a nutritious snack to increase your energy

You get a temporary energy boost from sugary traits, but then you experience the sugar lows when low blood sugar causes mental confusion and drowsiness. In the long run, these snacks will provide you with more overall energy. Celery sticks for a whole wheat cracker with peanut butter Yogurt and a few almonds or pieces of fruit with a low-fat cream cheese dip and baby carrots.

To avoid eye fatigue, take a break

Constantly staring at a computer screen might make you tired and sleepy and strain your eyes. For a few minutes every so often, look away from the screen to let your eyes rest.

So, if you ask how it is possible to stay awake naturally, try these tricks to avoid unnecessary sleepiness in the middle of something.