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How to get rid of the lipstick stains from clothes

Lipstick marks on your face is a good thing, but if it is on your clothes Hell can fall on you.

Lipstick stains can appear on your clothes in various ways. Your kid while playing, if they decide to become Picasso they might grab your lipstick and start painting on your favorite clothes. Or if you had a wild night and the next morning you wake up to lipstick stains all over your shirt. So there can be a lot of scenarios. Similarly there are a lot of effective ways to get rid of the stains also which we will see in this blog.

Removal by absorption

First we will look into the absorption method and for that you have to lay your cloth on a material that has a good absorption power like paper towel or a rag. You have to make sure that the surface under the cloth is not vulnerable to stains; otherwise there can be a risk of spreading the stain. Then you have to apply a stain removal solution but on the back side of your cloth right where the stain is. In this way the stain displaces on the towel underneath. Repeat this process till the lipstick stain starts to fade away and when it lightens, wash your cloth.

Removal by pre-treating and laundering

Another effective method of removing stain is by pre-treating the stained area and then laundering. First dab the stained area with a wet cloth and do not rub the area and prepare it for pre-treating. For the next step, apply laundry detergent, but first mix the detergent with water to make a smooth paste. Apply the paste and then gently scrub the area with an old toothbrush or something of similar sort. As the detergent sets, put the cloth into laundry with hot water and see the result for yourself.

Removal by petroleum jelly

You can also remove the lipstick stain from your cloth by applying petroleum jelly. The process is simple and similar to other two processes, you have to apply the petroleum jelly on the stained area and gently rub with your finger. Finally put the cloth in the laundry and just like you wash your clothes wash the stained cloth. Repeat the process if necessary.

So, these are the effective ways of removing stain marks from your lipstick stained clothes.

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