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How to Grow Stronger and Healthier Nails Naturally

7 easy tricks to growing healthy nails by all-natural means that will get you strong and elegant nails in no time!

Nails are no more mere instruments for cracking lids and abrading stickers. They are sheer beauty icons to stylize your hands. Healthy nails indicate wellness and the changes in your diet gets reflected on them.

Worrying about short and brittle nails that take forever to grow? Well, worry no more. Here are the secrets to maintaining healthy nails using natural products and hacks to have long and healthy nails in no time!

  1. Vitamin B-7 Supplement-

Biotin accelerates the growth of cells by aiding the breakdown of amino acids that are crucial for strengthening brittle nails. Its water-soluble property makes it a daily necessity to be consumed as a supplement. Legumes, cooked eggs and sardines are rich sources of biotin and will also aid your nervous system to function well.

  1. Reduce contact to water-

This might seem absurd in a time when it is advised to wash hands repeatedly, but too much contact with water makes nails brittle and crack easily. It is unreasonable to keep away from moisture, but you can minimize your contact and dry as soon as you are done washing.

  1. Drink a lot of water-

Staying hydrated is vital for your overall health, and your nails are no exception. Water flushes down toxins in your body and monitors primary fluids in your body. Without adequate water intake, your nails might peel off easily and look dull.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet-

If you are not maintaining a nutritious diet, the first to show warning signs will be your brittle nails, weak hair and faded skin. Make sure you take vitamin-rich food and don’t neglect your protein intake.

  1. Be cautious about your nail products-

Even though some of the rich colours of nail polish and accessories can seem very intriguing, always check on the chemicals that are used to make them. Many polishes contain acetone that undermines nail enamel and makes them turn yellow. Avoid using artificial nails as the UV ray used to create the polish could be counted as hazards causing cancer.

  1. Keep your nails trimmed-

In the long run, keeping long nails can be unhygienic and impractical. They might tear your clothes, get chipped or scratch your skin, keep trimming them once a week and attend to them by using moisturizers that gives them a healthy growth.

  1. Don’t use nails as tools-

Even though it might be tempting to open a soda can instantly with your nails, but don’t! The lesser you strain them, the better they grow. Use your hand cream daily to keep your hand coated in an oil base that will keep it safe from being eroded by cleaning agents.

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