How To Grow Sweet Potatoes

Tips to grow and harvest sweet potatoes in your garden.

If you love growing your own vegetables or would like to give it a try, try your hand at sweet potatoes. There are several good reasons to grow sweet potatoes. They are highly nutritious and packed with beta-carotene, potassium, and fibre. Plus, experts say sweet potatoes are relatively easy to grow even for beginners. If nothing else, it can be a great way to try something new. You might just enjoy the process. Here are some simple ways to grow sweet potatoes.

Prep the soil

Before you plant your slips, you have to prep the soil. Make sure that the weather is warm when you add them to the soil so that the potatoes grow. Sweet potatoes grow beneath the soil’s surface so the roots need a lot of space for air to reach down there. If you have a relatively small garden or not enough space, consider planting them in a raised garden bed. Make sure the soil looks fluffy and does not have any clumps before you add the slips. Once you add the slips, cover with soil make sure to add enough water.

Get rid of the weeds

Water the slips every alternate day until you start to see the plan make its way on the surface of the soil. The key is to make sure that the soil doesn’t dry out, especially if you live in a sunny area. Reduce watering once your green leaves start to appear. At this stage, water on a few times a week. Regularly get remove weeds around your sweet potatoes if you see them popping up.

Time to dig up

Your sweet potatoes should be ready in about 90 days. If you notice the leaves or the vines turn yellow, it could be an indication that the potatoes are fully grown. Dig up the tubers by hand and carefully. If you have watered the plants regularly and gotten rid of the weeds, you should expect a good amount of sweet potatoes.

Cure them

Before you enjoy your harvest, you need to cure them. This method allows them to store for longer and will enhance the taste. Place them in a location where it is about  80°F to 85°F for about a week. You could even place it in a turned-off oven.

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