How to handle your pet’s hair shedding

No matter how much we love our pets, hair shedding is a menace! So here’s how to tackle it.

Every dog or cat owner surely knows about the problem of shedding. While shedding is natural, it definitely should be controlled; this is so because hair shedding can often trigger asthma and also makes the house dirty. So how can one prevent it? Fret not; taking your pet to a groomer is not the only solution to this menace. Several home remedies can help you control the shedding of dogs and cats. Here we will talk about some of them:

Brush, brush, brush!

The best way to control pet shedding is definitely by brushing their fur regularly. By brushing your cat or dog, you make sure that the shedding is controlled and disposed of properly. If you are bathing them, be sure to comb their fur after that. However, we suggest that you sit with your pet at least twice a week and search for them. They will love the grooming too!

Choose the proper shedding tool.

Yes, not any and every brush can help your dog and cat to shed less. You will need proper grooming and shedding tools to help the problem stop. You can go for a stainless steel tine along with a shedding blade that has serrated teeth. If you are unsure which tool to use, please consult your veterinarian to select a proper one.

Get your pet to eat a proper diet.

More often than not, we choose to treat our pets and forget about their nutritional needs. Indeed, dogs and cats love to eat non-vegetarian food, but one needs to make sure that they also eat vegetables and fruits. Get them used to some kale or broccoli or even carrots. You can consult your vet and get them to make a dietary chart for your pet.

Vaccum more

A way of controlling fur stuck everywhere is to vacuum regularly or at least twice a week. In addition, if you have asthma or any allergy, you should clean your bed and pillows properly. This will significantly reduce the amount of fur flying around in your home.

Look for supplements

While a good diet is very effective, you can also consult your vet and get them to recommend some supplements for your pet. These will include Omega 3 fatty acids to reduce shedding.

Riya Banerjee

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