How To Have A Fun Staycation

Out with vacations, in with staycations!

A staycation is just like a vacation but with less or no travelling. You may not have the time or the budget to go on a trip for a vacation but you still feel like taking a vacation and relax a little. The solution is to opt for a staycation. The idea and the fun factor remains the same but with more time for relaxation. If you feel like, you cannot have fun like you do on a vacation while you are on a staycation, you could not be more wrong! Here’s how you can have fun on a staycation.

Stay At A Hotel In Your City

Staycations don’t always have to be at your own home. You can pack your bags for a night or two and stay at a nice hotel right in your city. You will still get to experience the best part of a vacation –staying in a hotel. You can explore the premises of the hotel or simply chill in your room. You don’t have to lift your finger for the housekeeping and you can always order room service. You can also try the restaurant at your hotel and go for other experiences like having a spa. You can also enjoy some time sitting by the hotel pool with a drink and you will not miss your vacation for a second.

Camp Out In Your Backyard

An interesting idea to add the fun in your staycation is to organise a camping day in your own backyard. Light a fire and pull up a tent. If you don’t feel like having a tent you can just lie down under the sky and gaze at the start. Roast some marshmallows and cook have something barbequed for your camp day at the backyard. This is a great way to bring the feel of the outside in your staycation.

Have A Date Night

If you are missing having a romantic trip with your partner, turn your staycation into something romantic. Have date night on your staycation with your partner. Cook your favourite dishes and light up a few candles. Pour some drinks and have a romantic time with your partner. You can even dress up for the date. The best part is that a romantic date night on a staycation is prettu inexpensive and has the same romance factor like an actual date.

Urbee Sarkar

A content writer by the day and hardcore Netflix enthusiast by the night, Urbee believes the world to be a story, a ‘tour de force’ in the making. A blind supporter of coffee, she spends her time with her face buried in books on most days when she is not writing. On the other days, she strums her favourite songs while secretly planning for her next trip into the mountains. Urbee is a lit post-grad who has worked as a feature writer for digital media firms and believes the content industry to be her calling.
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