How To Hold A Microphone In Proper Way While singing

The way to impress the audience is in your hand


The proper use of his microphone by an ideal stand-up comedian or a good singer or a speaker determines the quality of his performance. More importantly, the quality of the work presented is not good if you do not know how to hold the microphone properly. In addition, griping the microphone correctly helps one to be confident. Let’s take a look at the unique techniques of holding a microphone.


Place Your Hand In Right Position: 

When you are going to hold the microphone for the first time, you must first check if the hand placement is correct. The hand should be slightly below the upper part of the microphone and slightly above the lower part where the antenna is located in this space. Always try to place the hand in the middle of the microphone and do not touch the hand part in the grill area, as it does not communicate sound properly.


Your Fingers Should be Around The Middle Of The Microphone For Better Grip: 

When using the microphone, always make sure that no finger of your hand sticks out. To get the right grip, place your fist and grip it in the right place with the right amount of pressure. Grow confidence in yourself and do your job properly.


Microphone Should Be Stabled In 47 Degree Position: 

The first thing you need to do is adjust the position of the microphone at the right angle. In this case, the top of the microphone should be at the front of the mouth, not just below the mouth, so that the microphone does not catch the breath with a direct voice. Another thing can be done. If you have the opportunity to practice with a microphone, you can analyze the position of the microphone and find out the correct one. This will find the most suitable angle for holding the microphone.


Do A Check Before Using Microphone: 

Make sure the microphone’s internal sound base is good for practicing and mastering certain techniques. If necessary, check by singing or speaking. Those who have a sound organizer will be quick to fix the problem if there is any disturbance. And one thing to always remember is that talking loudly or singing on the microphone can have the exact opposite effect.

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