How to improve eyesight by yoga?

If you are worried about eyesight, here is the good news, yoga can potentially improve your eyesight.

On average, humans spend 3-4 hours looking at a mobile screen daily. Furthermore, continuous exposure to mobile, TV, and computer screen are making your eyesight dull. Thus, doctors usually prescribe an eye drop for regular use. Apart from that, the person with or without eye problems can try some yoga to improve their eyesight. This might be surprising but yoga can truly improve your vision. Go through this article to know more.


This is a simple exercise to relax your eye muscle. To do this, you need to sit straight with your eyes closed. Hold your arms and rub the palms over your eyelids vigorously. After some time, you will feel the heat that needs to be transferred to the eye muscles. Repeat this process thrice and stay in this position by keeping your eyes closed.


This is also a helpful exercise for the eyes. In this process, you need to sit in a relaxed manner with open eyes. Once you feel comfortable, blink very fast continuously for 10 seconds. Then close your eyes and focus on your breathing for the next 20 seconds. Again repeat the fast blinking process. This whole process should be repeated thrice.

Eye rotation:

This is a simple movement of your eyeballs. At first, sit in a comfortable position with your eyes open. Then start moving your eyeballs in a clockwise and anticlockwise manner. Always remember to keep your head in an unmoved condition. Keep your hands on your lap while doing this.

Bharmari pranayama:

To perform this you need to sit in a cross-legged position. Once you feel comfortable, place your thumbs on your ears and eyes to let them close. Then the index finger should be placed between eyebrows and keep your little finger at the nostril base. Your whole concentration should shift to the eyebrows centre. In that position, use your nose to take a deep breath, hold your breath for 3-4 seconds and then try to exhale while producing a humming noise. While doing this, your mouth should be closed. Never forget to repeat this at least 5 times a day. This is a good exercise for eye muscles as well as removing toxins from the body.

Focus switching:

This is also a good eye exercise. To do this, you need to read some small words or letters from book or newspaper with one eye closed. You just need to trace the letter with one eye and look up to the opposite wall which should be at least 10-20 feet away. You need to trace the same letter on the wall for 2-3 seconds. Then go back to your original position and repeat with the other eye.

Simple yoga steps can bring enormous change in your lifestyle. Common problems like myopia, hypermetropia can be treated with yoga. You will feel the change within 3-4 weeks. If you are facing a serious problem, then suggest an eye specialist immediately.

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