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How to improve forward head posture

Forward head posture is a common problem which affects around two third of the population of the world. It is a posture deformity which refers to the bending or leaning of head forward. It looks like the head is hanging out from the body and makes a person unattractive.

Forward head posture is a result of our sitting postures. Many of us are involved in desk jobs and jobs which require us to work on a computer. When we work on these machines for a long time while sitting in a bad posture, it leads to forward head posture problem. It is important to have a good posture and maintain a straight back while sitting or standing to avoid this problem. However, sometimes, it could just be a medical condition which too can be improved by certain exercises. Here are some of the ways to cure or improve the posture.

Keep your laptop on a good level

It is important to keep your screen at an elevated level where you do not have to look down. While working on a desk, adjust yourself in a position that your eyes face the screen at a right angle. Working from home has become a new normal these days and for the sake of comfort, many people try to work while leaning forward or backward. If you do not have a good desk at home, elevate your laptop by using piles of books or something else but make sure the screen is in front of you.

Keep your back straight

We spend most of our time sitting or standing. It is important to keep the back straight in both the position. When you slouch or crouch, you add an additional pressure on your body and your head, which can slowly pushes it forward. While standing, it is recommended to keep your shoulders upright and walk with your back straight. Also, always try to look in the eyes of the person while talking to somebody. It will not only make you look confident but also keep you healthy.


There are certain exercises which you can do to avoid forward head posture. These include tucking your chin with one hand and stretching the back of your neck with other. These stretching exercises will not only reduce the chances of pain and forward head posture, they will also provide the required strength to your muscles. To check if you have a forward head posture, you can stand near a wall with your back against it and check the posture for yourself.

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