How To Introduce Newborn Babies To Pets

Prepare your furry friends early on for the arrival of a newborn family member.

A little planning can help your fur babies get along with your newborn baby. This may be a real concern for many parents but with every new baby, there is an adjustment period for the family pet. However, with advance planning, you can avoid ruffling fur. We have sniffed out the best tips to help your pets get used to the newest member of your family. Give it a read.

Plan ahead

You can lay a strong foundation for pet-baby harmony during the prenatal period. Once you find out you are pregnant, it is significant to do the right medical tests on your pets as soon as possible. Cats should be tested for toxoplasmosis because it can affect pregnancy. You should start working with pets on behavior issues, well before the due date. Try to learn the language of your pet to figure out if they are in discomfort.

Establish new rules

Putting boundaries in place prior to the birth of the baby is the key. If you are not doing this, your pet may come to resent your new bundle of joy. The same goes for sleeping arrangements, if your pet is used to sleeping with you in your bed or even your room and you want to change that, start putting those changes into place before the infant comes home.

Prepare the environment

Give your pet some time to adjust to the new environmental changes by unpacking new baby gear and furniture as early as possible. Teach your fur babies about off-limit zones in advance.

Supervise all interactions

Never leave your toddler unattended with a pet, regardless of their temperament. It is recommended to supervise every interaction between your baby and your pet. Intervene whenever you feel necessary, and give your cat or dog space. Caring for your new baby and fur baby can be overwhelming, at least in the early days. But with a whole lot of patience, and little preparation, you’ll find there is room in your home and heart for your four-legged friend and your new, tiny-legged member.

Make special time for your pet

Even though as new parents you will be exhausted, carving out some special time with your pet is essential and can pay off in the long run. An ignored pet can become resentful. Look out for signs that may include a dog’s urinating inside the home and a cat’s failing to use the litterbox.

Be sure to implement these tips for a stress-free meet and greet between your pets and the newborn.

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