How to Keep Termites Absent From Your Furniture

6 Effective ways to keep termites away from your wooden furniture.

Wooden furniture has its own poise, and we love the way it escalates the grace of our indoors. But we are traumatized by the dangers of pests that may infest our expensive woodwork and turn them into sawdust. The powder is harmful to asthma patients and may cause severe allergies. Termites thrive on neglected furniture and by the time you notice the damage has already been done.

Concerned about how to preserve your home from mite infestation? Here is a thorough guide to making your home termite-resistant.

  1. Use BWR grade plywood-

When purchasing furniture always ask the quality of wood being used to make the pieces. BWR (Boiling Water Resistant) are chemically tested and are resistant to termites, fire and moisture. The attachments are done with synthetic resin that guarantees a firm fit of every layer of ply and guarantees safety from external damage.

  1. Anti-Termite treatment-

If you want to get your own piece of furniture built, once the raw bit is carved out by the carpenter, make sure you get it treated by anti-termite chemicals and wood preservatives to secure its longevity. Allow it to dry for 6-8 hours and then varnish it to make it termite-proof.

  1. Protection from moisture-

Another arch-enemy of wood is moisture. Humid atmosphere makes termites thrive and will ruin your furniture. Keep your kitchen and rooms ventilated to allow air to dry the furniture thoroughly in monsoon months.

Keeping furniture in your garden might not be the best idea. Termites from the soil can effortlessly bore into the wooden base. Even if you want to keep furniture outdoor, make sure you have a concrete surface above the ground to land them on.

  1. Pest control-

Cleaning your house off pests should be done annually or once in two years. Termites can infest your furniture at any point and has to be checked regularly. In case there are already termites in your house, their dormant eggs might hatch later.

There are lesser harmful pesticides that will clean your house off pesticides without causing any harm to your health.

  1. Anti-pest polish-

When you get furniture, be sure to either paint it or polish it once in 5 years. The oil-based varnish should have an anti-termite coating that will protect the wood against any threat of mites.

  1. Home remedies-

Here are some homely cures that can assure your safety against termites.

Sunlight- exposing your furniture to ample sunlight keeps your chances to termite infestation minimal.

In case your furniture has termite, you can keep a moist cardboard box and let the mites climb on the cardboard so you can discard it immediately.

Boric acid is also an excellent remedy to keep mites under control. Mix 250ml of boric acid in warm water and spray it on your furniture.

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