Published By: Sougata Dutta

How To Keep The Digestive System Health During The Summer Days?

Keep your tummy healthy!

The unexpected rise of temperature during the summer days has now become a concern. It is affecting our health very hard. Dehydration, fever, allergies, and indigestion are very common on summer days, especially when the temperature is burning so high.

In such a condition, people are getting sick of digestive issues and So. We need to take some special care of our stomach to keep it healthy during these days.

Drink enough water

Human body needs a sufficient supply of water to run the metabolic system and other cycles properly, without any difficulties. A normal adult human body needs at least 4 litres of water everyday. It is 3 litres for the children. Drink fresh and purified water to avoid infection and digestive problems. And it's better to avoid drinking water from outside.

Eat homemade food

Street foods and junk foods are like poisons to the human body, and these react worse during the summer days. These are the main reasons for gastric diseases and indigestion. One should have fresh, well cooked homemade food to stay healthy and fit.

Eat less spicy food

During these days, it's better to eat less oily and less spicy food. It is easy to digest and also helps to absorb the nutrients better. It also keeps the body cool.

Be clean

It is necessary to take a bath at least twice a day to keep the body clean, cool and moist. One should clean their hand and mouth before eating anything. It will reduce the chances of diarrhoea and other infectious diseases.

Have fruits daily

Fruits, especially seasonal fruits, are very much helpful for proper digestion. Ripe mango works great in influencing proper digestion. Having a mango after each meal is very much healthy for our digestive system.

Avoid the Sun

It's better to stay in a cool place and avoid the sun as much as possible. Going to the sun before or after a meal affects the digestion capacity and reduces the hunger level as well. Excessive heat makes our body dehydrated and that pressurises our digestive system as well.

Do regular work out

Don't avoid physical exercises even if it is too hot. Regular workout is necessary for proper digestion.

Besides, one should avoid refrigerated food, uncovered food, and all other unhealthy things to keep the body fit and the digestive system active during these excessive hot days.