How to keep your home tidy within a busy schedule

Stop micromanaging and turn your home into a clean and well-decked space with a few simple steps!

If you hate doing chores after a long day at work, you know how bad your home smells when it stays unclean for a few days. Yes, it’s not easy to drag your tired body through the living room to the laundry and get your clothes cleaned daily and then wash the dishes, cook and clean each room. Here are a few ways you can make your home stop smelling like an old alley:

Please do not make another schedule you won’t stick to

Firstly, stop making routines for yourself. You do not have to write down “brush early morning”, you do it naturally right? Man is a creature of habit and one of the best ways to learn one is to get triggered through visuals. When you see a piece of apparel lying on the floor pick it up instantly and keep it in the closet. That’s how you learn, not through military training!

Prioritise your work

One of the ways to do this is to think about what you need to do first when you arrive home. For example, if you are often hungry, get home do the dishes first and start cooking. Once you are done, set it aside and vacuum the floor once and go straight for a wash. Or skip the vacuum if you are too tired and pick a day in a week to use the vacuum cleaner. Only you know what you need to do first.

Do not set yourself up for failure

When your home starts smelling funny we all know how we imagine ourselves as the cleansing god/goddess and vouch to clean the entire apartment in one day, even sometimes after office hours. This is going to set you up for failure. No, you can’t clean up everything in a single day. First start keeping your clothes in the closet every day, laundry at least thrice a week and keep one day for deep cleaning, preferably on a weekend. That’s how you can get your entire apartment cleaned, not by micromanaging everything, all at once.

A special reward

Yes, every journey deserves a goal and set up a target at the weekend for yourself to achieve. This acts as a great morale booster. For example, if you enjoy long baths your goal can be setting up a warm bath at the weekend once you have tidied up your entire home. This can act as a goal that you would have to achieve every week.

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