How to keep your infant hydrated in summers

Dehydration is a major threat in summers, especially in a country like India which receives scorching heat during the months of May and June. People are becoming aware of the negative impacts of dehydration and as a result many keep drinking water or other types of liquids with them. However, this is not the case with infants.

An adult person can manage their health according to the season by acquiring knowledge about it but infants cannot do that. Moreover, infants cannot even speak about whether they are thirsty or if they need water. If you do not take care of what and how much they are drinking, they can have problem of dehydration. In order to keep them hydrated, parents have to take care of their food time table and quantity of water they drink. Let’s discuss some of the tips on how to keep infants hydrated.

Water is best

Unlike adults, it is not advisable for infants to drink different kinds of liquids. If your baby is more than 1 year of age or they are a toddler, than you can offer them fruit juices or coconut water but you should not feed different kinds of liquid to a children less than one year of age. The reason behind this is there remain some chances of infants developing gastronomical problems because of juices and drinks. It is because their digestive system is weak as compared to adults and water is the only thing that gets digested properly by them. Also, doctors do not recommend fruit juices or packaged juices to children because their remains a risk of an increase in the sugar levels of the children. Water is the best type of liquid available on earth and it should be the topmost priority of the parents.

Do not overfeed

Infants have a small tummy and they cannot drink as much water as you think. In fact, even few spoons of water is sufficient for them so do not expect them to drink a glass of water. If your infant does not like the taste of the water, then you can probably give them just a spoonful of water at a time. In order to make them drink more, what you should do is give them water a regular intervals. By doing this, you can keep them hydrated without irritating them because that can do a lot of damage.

Make them bath daily

Our body not only gets dehydrated from inside but from outside too. It is recommended to make your infant bath daily in summers to keep their skin hydrated and healthy.

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