How To Keep Your Jeans Habit Sustainable

Think substance before style when it comes to harboring a sustainable jeans habit.

Undoubtedly, a pair of jeans is the most loved possession people own. It is the most comfortable leg-wear and is also pretty hassle free to when it comes to taking care of it. That being said, while jeans are loved by everyone, the nature does not really love jeans. A lot of damage is done to the environment in the production of denim. Denim production is wasteful, water-intensive and polluting. However, that does not mean you have to stop wearing jeans right away. You can keep on wearing your favorite jeans as long as your keep it sustainable. Here are a few tips on how to adopt a more sustainable jeans habit.

Make Second Hand Your First Choice

Believe us when we say that there are more pairs of jeans in the world than there are people. Instead of going to the popular and fancy brand stores to get your new pair of jeans, visit the local thrift stores. Buy second hand jeans instead of a brand new one. You will find more choices and as long as they do not have a rip or a stain you don’t like, they should be as good as new. Doing this will single handedly reduce the most of your fashion impact on the environment. Instead of letting the old jeans go to a waste, you can adopt a sustainable haboit of increasing their lifespan by getting them at thrift stores.

Go All the Way Natural In Fabric

Less processing inevitably means a less harsh impact on the environment. When buying new jeans, choose the most natural fabric available. Avoid buying jeans that have glitter on them or fancy finishes. Do not buy jeans that have been acid washed, sand blasted or even bleached. Go for denim that is dry or raw which has not been treated or washed in any manner. Although it would seem that such fabrics are stiffer in the beginning, with washes and uses they will break in.

If It Stretches Don’t Reach For It

Check the label of the brand carefully when you get a new pair of jeans. You will find all types of details that would tell you if the material is stretchy or not. Avoid stretchy jeans because the material has polyester mixed with cotton which is not a hundred percent recyclable.

Urbee Sarkar

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