How To Keep Your Phone Battery From Dying Fast

Here’s how you can save the battery without turning on the battery saver.

The true test of a smartphone lies in its battery. That’s the first thing everyone notices while buying a new phone. What is the battery backup offered? What power of the battery has been used? The truth is no matter how recent and advanced the battery of your new phone is, after using it for over a year, the quality starts degrading. That means it no longer offers a powerful battery backup and soon you find your phone battery draining fast. Like problems this one has a solution too. In fact, many solutions. There are many ways and settings that you can try on your phone to keep your battery from draining fast. Here are a few ways you can prevent your phone’s battery from dying fast.

Keep The Brightness On The Low

This trick is the most basic of all. Keeping the screen brightness of your phone at a low level makes a huge difference. In fact, the best idea is to keep your phone’s brightness on the auto mode. That way you don’t always have to be mindful and your phone can automatically adjust the screen’s brightness according to the setting. Keeping the phone’s brightness high all the time, consumes more power and hence causes your phone’s battery to drain faster. So, the obvious solution here is to turn down your phone’s screen brightness and watch your battery performing high and well.

Turn Off The Location Services

The location services of your phone are one of the most useful ones. The GPS technology works precisely to help you navigate and find your location. However, the location service of your phone is also a sneaky technology that feeds on your battery’s power resulting in fast drainage of the charge. Switch off the location service on your phone when you are not using the GPS and turn it on only when you need it.

Reduce The Push Notifications For Applications

It is important to get notifications especially when you are regular user of certain apps, especially the social media ones. However, you don’t have to keep the push notifications active for all the apps because chances are you don’t care about half of them. The push notifications for the apps consume a lot of power and so, it is best to use them as little as possible.

Urbee Sarkar

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