Published By: Ahvana Paul

How to keep yourself grounded when you have too many travel plans

Too many back-to-back travel plans or a trip with a long itinerary is the best thing! However, it is also something that can make you feel overwhelmed! It requires an immense amount of planning and also worries about leaving a particular place, which means that has to be cleaned up, and all your things need to be taken systematically, from one place to the other. Leaving something behind can truly make you want to kick yourself! If you are finding yourself relating to these problems, and have a busy travel schedule, here are some tips to help you!

Make a permanent checklist on your phone of things to pack, so you can keep checking

Though this may sound redundant, it is very important! The number of things that you can leave behind at a place is astounding. After you have packed, or while packing, make a checklist on your phone of all the things that you have taken. That way, every time you are repacking you can refer to it! That way nothing gets left behind. It is the smartest way to stay organized.

Pay special attention to documents

Documents can get you anywhere- remember! This therefore is the most important thing. So ALWAYS double check you have your passport, your visa and everything wherever you go and more importantly, unless there is a need don’t remove it from your purse! Keep it with you at all times!  Do it before you leave home so that there is no problem when you go to the airport or train! Moreover, if your ticket is a digital one, make sure you have either a screenshot so you can quickly open it, or even send it to a friend so that you can just access it whenever you need! Moreover, make sure that your phone is charged, so that it doesn’t shut down before you need to do that!

Try and be sure of what you need where

 Plan out what you need where! Don’t take extra stuff, as that will lead to more confusion. Check where you are going, and take what you need at that time, so you don’t end up scrambling. One thing you should do, is check the weather forecast of the place you visit!  For example, going from a hot place to a cold place! Put the jacket on top of your suitcase! This way you will be organized!

Make a proper plan

Invest in a planner, so you can write out the day-day! It helps to keep things in control, and you will understand what you need!

Keep things in a place you know you will remember so that you can come back and find them

If you are leaving home for a while, and have things you don’t need on the trip, but which are essential for when you come back, keep them in a place where you know you will 100% find it! That way you don’t come back and panic!  

Keep a pair of keys with trusted people so that if there is an emergency, they can go in!

 If there is a need, this is a good option! Have a relative who stays near you, or a friend or neighbour keep a pair of keys to your house. That way, If there is a need, they can go and pick something up and send it to you or do something important that you forgot!