How To Lighten Lip Color Naturally

Obsessed with shimmering light coloured lips? Here is how to get them naturally.

If you compare your childhood photos to now, you will see what a hectic schedule, skincare negligence, and pollution does to your skin. If you are still unsure, concentrate on the colour of your lip. How they naturally resembled the petals of a pink rose, and how they have wilted away to being 10 shades darker variety of the rose. Let us learn about what causes unwanted pigmentation and how to avoid it.

Going by the theoretical causes, hyperpigmentation is what takes most of the blame. It is a harmless condition that is achieved by excess deposition of melanin. The possible causes are-

  • Exposure to Sun
  • Dehydration
  • Allergic Reaction
  • Caffeine
  • Nicotine or Tobacco Consumption
  • Biting Of Lips

Most of these can be won over by improving lifestyle choices. Using sunscreen, limiting caffeine intake and using allergen-free products will keep them soft and light.

Some medical conditions lead to unhealthy darkening of lips like chemotherapy, anaemia, fluorine use, and vitamin deficiency.

Now for the answer to the golden question- How to lighten the dark lips naturally-


A study made in 2002 suggested that citrus peels act like melanin inhibitors. Applying lemon on your lips every night before sleeping will make a visible lightening of your lips in 30 days.

You can also try mixing lemon juice with powdered sugar to help it stick to your lips and have a lasting effect.


The king of antiseptic is also the perfect element to reduce melanin quantity. Mix similar turmeric and milk consistency and apply the paste on your lips every day before sleeping. Leave it for five minutes till it dries, and then wash it off. There will be visible changes in less than a month.

Aloe Vera-

Applying a fresh layer of aloe Vera has proven effective to people trying to make the lip colour light. Make sure you don’t get the lips too dry with the aloe Vera. Keep them hydrated once you wipe the gel off your lips.


The seeds of pomegranate are what it takes to remove unwanted pigmentation from your skin. A spoon of seeds mixed in fresh dairy cream and rose water is what you need to gently remove the unwanted tan while keeping them nourished from within. You can also increase the consistency with a few honey drops to make it stick to your lips longer.

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