How To Make Finger-Painting Mess-Free For Kids

Are you kids exploring the artistic side? Here is how to make art mess-free for them.

There is nothing like giving your kids some paint and paper to keep them busy throughout the day. They say every child is an artist, and we believe so too! The only thing is their art is not confined to paper. It spills through the desk, their dress, the floor and even the walls. Wish there was some way to make their art time mess-free, so nothing curbs their creativity? Well, there is! Here are some pro parenting ideas that will help your child explore the creative side without spilling paint on anything but the paper.

Tape The Paper To Cardboard-

When you place the paper on the desk, there is a big chance that it will fly off, and your child will try to grab it with colours on their hand. One easy way to make sure that does not happen is to tape the paper on the side neatly on cardboard that can be reused for this purpose.

Make An Apron Out Of Plastic-

You must have heard about feeding aprons that can be used while your child paints too. But in case you can’t bring them in an instant, plastic bags work fine. Just cut the bottom end of the plastic and make them wear it like a shirt. Keep the hands moisturized so that the paint comes off with an easy wash.

Keep The Desk And Chair Clean:

Make sure the material of the desk and chair are easily cleanable. Once the kids spill colours, you can take them off with an easy swipe of a moist cloth. You can also use food-grade wrap when your kids want to use colours to take off quickly and not ruin the furniture.

Keep A Frame Ready-

If your child decides to finger paint on paper, keep a heart-shaped piece cut out so you can frame that and keep it as a memory forever.

Try Painting On Plastic-

IF your child is new to paint and you want to keep it neat, spill blobs of paint and keep a plastic sheet on the paper. Let them squeeze the colour under the plastic to make unique images without getting their hands stained in colour. Once they are done, remove the plastic gently and let it dry. Then, frame it and keep it as a memory.

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