How to make it as a freelance graphic designer

Going freelance with your graphic design skills? Give this a read!

Graphic design is a continuously growing industry. But while you’re engaging yourself as a freelance graphic designer, you need to set up some essential business plans besides developing your art skills. Below are some tips before you set up a freelance graphic designer brand.

Potential Clients

Having an effective, understanding and honest client base is at the top preference for freelance graphic design. But the potential clients won’t knock on your doorbell! So, put a smart effort into marketing. The freelance job websites might be an effective option to pull a bulk of projects. But never forget social media! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. might be fantastic platforms for your advertisement and campaign.


Once the potential clients are gathered, go to form an organisation. But setting up a company requires strong branding. The branding incorporates the name of the organisation, its vision and mission, logo etc. Don’t rely on aesthetics solely, it should be simple and attractive too.

Portfolio making

Don’t waste your time thinking about making an ‘extraordinary’ portfolio. Find out the best three to five works that you have done yet. Put them in the portfolio and start talking with the clients about it. If you have the potential, one or two best works would be enough to attract experienced and willful clients.

Proposal Making

You may be an extraordinary designer. But what if you are incapable of writing concrete and good-to-read proposal content for your clients? A well-versed and elite expression of your planning of designing, including the invoices and the deadlines is required. This makes your business professional and reliable. So, if you’re not good at making proposals, start having online classes and develop skills for that.

Don’t be choosy much

A freelancer, while starting, should not be very choosy in selecting clients and works. During the early days, you are required to have a notion to accept new projects. This helps in your campaign and advertisement along with gaining new clients.

Network development

While you are designing as a freelancer, you must excel in your communicating and public-relation skills. Go for meeting new people, make new friends, keep your older friends and clients attached to you and make sure that all of them know about your occupation and business. This networking would benefit your branding propaganda.

And more…

Ask your clients to give feedback for advertisement and further development of works and skills. Talk about the payment issues with the client on the very first day of accepting a new project.

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