How to Make Most of Long Layovers

Refusing in vogue making a snore-fest out of the layovers 


Getting stuck at the airport is a nightmare especially with the concrete showrooms selling fancy stuff for rows on end unless you sprinkle some jazz to the long, leisurely hours!


 Savour the Local Cuisine 


You must be famished after the haul! Instead of munching on upscale café foods, why not venture out a little and immerse yourself in the local gastronomical delights? A sumptuous meal would nourish your body and replenish it with the strength to wait in the lounge. Even if you do not have ample time to saunter around the city, grabbing a quick bite would heal you intrinsically! Nonetheless, make health-conscious choices with the food and since you have a long journey ahead, steer clear from grease, salt, oil and junk. 


Sign Up for a little Trip


If you are keen on making an exciting detour during the layover instead of lazing around or waiting in anticipation, plan the specifics. With around twelve hours at disposal, you can easily ditch the jittery rush of the airport to soak in the flavours of the city. Stroll around to see the architectural wonders, relax in nature, appreciate the art and heritage of the city, buy souvenirs and navigate through the aesthetically pleasing quarters of the place. 


Visiting the local market is a pleasure with the moment wheezing past in a daze before you could touch them! Hopping on a trip spree becomes imperative when the city has a rich colonial history to explore on foot or stretches of nature to lull your senses for a while.


Arrange for Breezy Transit Tours


A layover stretching for five to six hours is too long to listlessly wander in the airport. Transit tours provide an inexpensive way to escape the hustle-bustle and immerse in the local flavours—touristy joints, culinary rendezvous, adventurous activities and photowalk sessions. Quite a few transit excursions would whisk you off the airport without charging a penny. After a panoramic view of the city’s touristy locations, you would be back in the airport for the next flight. The entire transit tour conundrum could sound a bit hectic and you might have to run helter-skelter, but trust me it is far better than schlepping at the airport.


Journal the Trip Old-School Style


Squeeze in some introspective moments to chronicle the trip and write about the memories recollected in tranquillity. Diary writing would be an amazing experience as you sip on your favourite beverage and ponder on the world existing around you as if in a blurry dream.

Puja Sinha

Coffee addict. Daydreamer. Hitchcock Fan. A post-grad in English Literature, Puja is a forever enthusiast of traversing long distances by rail. Her verticals of choice are entertainment, art & society. She can be found lazing in the garden when not fidgeting over deadlines.
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