How To Make Succulents Thrive All Year Round

The ultimate guide to developing a thriving succulent garden at your home.

We all know the struggle of keeping plants alive all year round, especially when each plant has its distinct need for watering and sunlight intake. Even though succulents are more manageable than other potted plants, they too don’t have sturdy growth all year round. The fluctuations in temperature make succulents go through phases of dormancy and active development.

Even though succulents can be placed in general categories of summer growers and winter growers, there is no head and fast rule as to what grows when. Experts say succulents are opportunist growers and they look forward to a favourable climate for their sturdy growth. As a cultivator, you have to be on the lookout for what suits your plant growth the most.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into the standard parameters that need to be met for your plant’s booming growth.

Temperature Tolerance-

One thing to keep a note of is, succulents have exceptional tolerance to temperature change. Not all species of plants can tolerate temperature change. There are some tender succulents like echeveria and some hardy succulent like sempervivum.

Sempervivum tolerates frost and snow but does not resist heat on the other hand echeveria can live with heated air but can’t withstand chilly air.

Even though succulents are considered to be summer growers, they are slow growers in the heated months. With some exceptions, they all thrive well in mild temperatures.


The most discussed question around succulents is the watering schedule. The need for frequent watering is not needed in dormant plants. They want to survive through the season and do not take in a lot of water.

The key to watering the plants is doing it only when it is wholly parched. Succulents are most convenient to determine if they need to be fed. As a pivotal rule, succulents go into survival mode during crisp months. They require significantly less water to cope with the winter months.

The succulents resistant to higher temperature do not absorb much water during hot summers as they prefer to keep their roots cool. You can water less but keep a watch for the thinning leaves that are a sign of drought soil.

The aeonium variety of succulents tend to show off if they are enjoying the weather. They like to keep their roots fresh with water.

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