Published By: Nirtika Pandita

How to manage time during online classes

There is a lot to juggle and lot to get to, let’s make it easy

Studying in itself is not easy to deal with and now with the new wave of online education, there is a lot at stake. Especially the skill of effectively managing time since everything is happening from the corner of comfort. This unique challenge is not only for adults but also for children who along with studies also have extracurricular activities to do. So with online education comes the challenge of effectively managing the curriculum. Implementing a curriculum that will help teachers, students, as well as parents in achieving good results is necessary.

Design your timetable with enough time for peace

Everyone needs a timetable in order to yield a productive day. For students, it is easier with a timetable to adjust the regular classes, and the extra-curricular activities as well as invest time in self-study and development. A personalised timetable is necessary wherein a student needs to assign time important for daily studies and assignments, followed by activities such as sports, music, or leisure time. A timetable will only help in setting priorities and running behind deadlines, as well as incorporate time to rejuvenate and study well.

Practice learning in smaller groups

This is simple to implement for the teacher and the student. At the same time, it is effective for the parent as well. That is the biggest advantage of online classes teachings can be done in small batches, doing this will let the students plan their other activities around it. This will also allow the teachers to impart sound study and topics without fear of missing out on any student. Small groups also allow students to participate and actively voice their doubts.

Take appropriate breaks and avoid overburdening

As much as regular studying, assignments, classes, and extra classes are important, so are the breaks in between studies. To achieve good grades, be able to concentrate on studies, and be able to excel in other skills, one has to give the mind the break to reset. It is vital for mental as well as physical health that a student adheres to sufficient breaks to let the mind and body relax.

Do not leave anything for tomorrow

One of the most important things to kick out of habit and dictionary is procrastination. Try to develop the habit of finishing the day’s work on the same day. The more one leaves assignments for the next day it will keep piling up.