Published By: Sreyanshi

How to master our sleep patterns?

There are ways to maneuver our sleep patterns.

Nothing can rejuvenate our body more than a good night’s sleep. It refreshes our mind and makes us stronger mentally as well as physically.

When we are sleeping that’s the time our body heals itself, it goes on to restore all the needed chemicals in their perfect balance. This is the time when our brain has the scope to wash away all the toxins we have gathered throughout the day and then work through the wiring to forge newer thought patterns and connections.

These are the very processes that have been maintained aiming at prepping our body as well as mind to feel better once we wake up. That’s the reason we need ample time to sleep. We need at least 8 hours of sound sleep which helps us maximize our emotional and physical health conditions. Proper sleep goes a long way to ensure that we are in for a good day!

But the fact still lies that in our day and age, sleeping disorder is a common theme among mostly all the young people. Here our daily grind bears much responsibility. This hustle culture has reduced our psyche into an addictive beast, chasing the next drop of serotonin. This kind of lifestyle is of course detrimental to having a good sleep. Most of us have trouble falling asleep. We experience sleep disturbances and do not achieve the levels of calmness even after sleeping for a good amount of time. Sleep deprivation has become very common among all our peers now.

If we are always sleeping much less than what is required, we are not actually allowing our body the required time that it needs to rebuild itself. And no, there is no magical hack that can save us our energy if we ignore sleeping. Sleeping disorders majorly drain our mental abilities while putting our physical health at monumental risk.

Over time this can have long lasting effects on our bodies. Science has already linked poor sleep patterns over several years with acute health issues. Obesity is one of the major issues among that.

How do we get rid of poor sleep patterns and master it?

We have to regularize our sleep and fix a specific time for ourselves to wake up, every single day. We have to make sure that we sleep the same amount of time every night.

It’s important to create a proper routine before going to bed. We have to observe what we do before going to bed and probably follow a process leading to sleep. It can be meditation or healing music, anything. We cannot drink coffee before going to sleep; we need to have several hours after we’ve had coffee before we go to bed.

We have to avoid fatty meals before going to bed, because it interferes with our sleep to its detriment.

We have to practice meditation, journaling, reading something meaningful or listening to inspiring podcasts before we go to bed.