Published By: Sougata Dutta

How To Move Forward In Life Forgetting The Pain Of One-sided Love?

Loving someone does not mean taking over their existence!

We can't control how our hearts feel when we see someone who isn't romantically inclined towards us. A feeling of intense attachment or desire is called 'love'. Love is one of the most primitive and wonderful feelings that exist in our human world. This beautiful feeling is the driving force behind all the amazing creations we see around us. But, this beautiful feeling can become extremely painful and unbearable when it is one-sided or unrequited. Loving someone one-sidedly can be difficult at times. Sometimes, people violate all necessary boundaries and do unwanted things in the name of one-sided love. Today's article will try to sort out many misconceptions about one-sided love and find out possible ways to deal with this thing.

Wanting To Love Someone Without Expecting Love Back: How Hard Is It?

In the course of life, we meet many people with whom we feel no connection, and then comes those special people, who make us so excited, happy. Whose presence or surroundings make our heart beat faster. Many world-famous literature and works are available to elaborate on this topic of unrequited love. While many have glorified this one-sided sentiment, many writers or creators have scorned it. But one thing they can all agree on is that, knowing that the person I'm in love with may never love me back, this feeling of one-sided love is quite exciting. One can not force another to love. Love does not happen like that. When someone fails to get the basic essence of love, things can get ugly. There are many ways to overcome the pain of rejection, here we are going to highlight some effective ones.

How Our Society Has Always Misinterpreted The Concept Of 'True Love'

Over the ages, our society has glorified the concept of 'toxicity' or 'jealousy' in romantic relationships so much that we've grown to associate love entirely with insecurity. An insecure man cannot be a good lover. A selfish person can never fall in love with anyone but himself. So, respecting each person's boundaries and accepting the wishes of our loved ones can only help us move forward in life. After all, true love is not a shallow feeling that fades away without reciprocation, it only grows, shapes and protects our loved ones as well as ourselves.

Forgetting The Pain Of One-Sided Love And Moving Forward

If you've ever truly loved someone, you'll recognize that love doesn't mean intimidation. If our loved ones don't respond to our feelings the way we want them to, we can't do anything to accept the reality. But, the first step in loving someone is to accept the fact that this person has the right to reject me or anyone else for whom they do not have the same feelings. While we cannot control our feelings for our loved ones, we certainly cannot assert our authority over their lives, no matter how 'pure' or 'refined' we think our feelings are.