Published By: Sreyanshi

How to Not Condition Your Happiness on Goals

Goals are important – there’s no questioning that but we cannot let it control our lives!

We cannot get rid of goals altogether, they are needed, but what is also needed is the fact that if we let our goals control our lives; we will absolutely miss out on the journey. Having a strong focus on a particular goal primarily is to get rid of the romantic fantasies about reaching the goal and being methodical about it. Once we get into the rhythm of the process we will star to enjoy the journey and learn all our lessons along the way. Reaching the goal would just be a by product of this creative process and that is the only way we can truly enjoy our journey towards achieving something. Such a process of being mindful at every step while performing each and every action, will help use understand the process and add to it with our own creativity. It will not solely be about the rush of the goal then, it will become a collective process of co learning, if only we control our greed for reaching the goal and start enjoying the process.

We are talking about our livelihood here, the thing that we do to earn our daily bread, our work. It is something sacred, something very passionate for people who love their work, which ironically should be all of us, but because of the grind culture, none of us really enjoy our works. It’s interesting that the goal we are supposed to chase are done only by skilfully, honestly and efficiently performing our jobs, and once we are only obsessing over our goals, we can never sincerely perform our nitty-gritty jobs with our hundred percent. Half of our mind will be occupied with the thoughts of achieving the goal and the other half will succumb to anxiety with the thought of failing the suit! How does that help the process? The grind culture is absolutely counterproductive for achieving any goal, not to mention the menace of mental health and decaying physical tenacity it causes.

It has become important to calm ourselves and diligently do our works with sincerity avoiding the collective hysteria that infests the present-day work culture of gig economy! It’s of no use fellas! Don’t let your goals control your lives, make them work for you, be the boss!