How to open your own news portal and earn money

Let’s explore some new fields and make the two ends meet!

 Hunger of the stomach is the main reason to earn money, and hunger of the mind is the knowledge. Let’s satisfy both. When you need to earn money try some smart business. Everybody in this world is running behind something new – and food. News is a very important media. Using this we reach a huge number of people. Selling news is important but getting proper news and spreading that in a proper way is more important than that. Let’s try to look into some ways for that.

Step-wise information

News can be presented on a platter like a beautiful dish with some available and unique ingredients. People are fond of interesting news. If you can serve some, no doubt everybody will grab it without wasting time.

News can come in different ways and from different genres. Blogs, Video-logs, Broadcasting news etc can be considered as a theme. Every single one of them can come up with content according to the demand. Now when you open a news portal of your own you need to make sure about the design of the page. Development and design of the portal is very important to attract people along with good contents. Make a portal which is easy to access and easy to understand.

Even if you create a good-looking page, it won’t suffice everything. After creating a portal one needs to take an approval from Google. Being approved by Goggle can only create a way of earning money.

Next the most important context is actually the content. You need to supply news according to the market’s needs. There is a huge variation in humans. Not only do they belong to different cultures, but also different ages and obviously a difference in gender and society too. So go for Google keyword tool and it will give you every detail you need. The most searched topic in different times is by default important to cover for a newcomer news portal. So cover topics a bit cleverly.

Last but not least about the earnings. Once you are connected with Goggle, advertisements will pop up on the page according to the visit or the reach of your portal. Number of advertisements is the key to money here and after some good documentation you can also give your own advertisement for more publicity.

So try to find some good people who can write or make great videos with unique contents for your portal. Aim high and believe in great teamwork.

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