How to Overcome Acrophobia

Fear of heights is probably one of the most petrifying phobias affecting a person’s everyday life!

Acrophobia or commonly known as the fear of heights is commonly found to influence a person’s daily life performance. The fear can be as minimal as the fear from a short step on a ladder or fear from looking at the ground level from the first floor. It might sound petty, but can be extreme to the ones suffering from it. Here we have some tips to help you overcome acrophobia! Read on.


People generally lose their nerves during acrophobic situations, which leads them to breathlessness. Hence it is very much necessary to keep breathing while an acrophobic person is at a height, to intake plenty of oxygen, which can calm down their nerves a bit.

Removing caffeine from diet

It is said that caffeine works as a catalyst to acrophobic anxiety. A person should limit their caffeine consumption, to relax their cells and control the fear of height.


Meditation or yoga helps in coping with anxiety. Such relaxation techniques are therefore beneficial to get you on the correct path to fight acrophobia. Regular exercises, a lot of sleep and with a proper diet, the physiological processes of the body get regulated, which in turn treats acrophobia.

Exposing to greater fears

Gradually, you might have to expose yourself to small fears, and try to overcome them. Once you accomplish each fear, you will feel comfortable progressively to other greater fears. For instance, you can try studying or practicing an instrument on the 2nd floor balcony. Such experiences can help you calm the jitters eventually.

Consulting a help

In case you feel you are unable to manage the fear alone, you can at any moment talk to a therapist. Ask the therapist about the preferred medication, or other techniques that might suit your well-being. Do not hesitate about being transparent to friends, family and doctors. Their support might be crucial to your fast recovery.

Learning to control anxiety

Discussing with your doctor will help you learn new ways of coping with anxiety. Although this won’t completely remove your anxiety, it will definitely help you to be able to come at peace.

Acrophobia will not dissolve immediately;however, it is not impossible as well. Give yourself some time and work on this fear, and you can definitely overcome this challenge with flying colours. Are you ready to face your fear now?

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