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How to overcome stuttering

Stuttering or stammering is one of the most problematic speeches impairing conditions that can only influence a person’s ability to communicate but may also impact on a person’s interpersonal relationships.

 Understanding the phenomenon through a medical lens, stuttering or stammering is a speech disorder that can result in a person’s inability to speak and communicate properly. People with stuttering issues mostly find involuntary pauses in sentence formations or prolong gaps between a single word while speaking with others. Even though the medical condition cannot be cured fully, it may be treated to tone down its impact.

Breathing technique as potential stuttering therapy

Stuttering conditions can invigorate anxiety issues or emotional traumas while dealing with people and situations. Breathing techniques like rhythmic breathing technique or taking a long pause and performing deep breathing practice while carrying a calm mind can help process phrases and sentences. People with stuttering conditions can practice “counting breathing” where individuals sit peacefully at a calm place and breathe in and out for a duration of 10-15 seconds straight to reduce the stressful triggers.

Practicing to speak slowly with less complex words

Practicing to speak slowly can help people with stuttering issues to finish sentences and communicate in a better way. It’s better not to rush trying to finish off a sentence which will increase involuntary pauses. It’s always suggested not to use complex words that actually act as a trigger to stuttering issues. Practice speaking at a moderate to slow pace with simplest word structure to improve the speech delivery timings.

Treating it with mindfulness and regular meditation

The concept of mindfulness and regulation meditation is increasingly being accepted as a stress reliever which has been helping the people with stuttering issues to live a better life. To start the mindfulness and meditation process, a person needs to sit comfortably in a Yoga position: “Lotus Pose”, with leg closed inwards and hands placed on lap. You need to close your eyes and avoid any outside distraction while focusing on your breaths and thoughts. Mindfulness and meditation process has been a rewarding treatment for many in terms of treating anxiety, trauma and stuttering issues.

 Staying close to social situations

Avoiding going out and non-participation in any social situations can actually worsen the stuttering conditions. It has been found, people with stuttering conditions that indulge in social activities and interact with people at any social situations tend to be psychologically more healthy and more comfortable in conversations, resulting in less speech timing issues. It helps them to be more focused with their thoughtful actions and in increasing confidence while speaking.

These speech therapies and treatments can help a person with stuttering issues to improve their communication problems and interpersonal relations.

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