Published By: Elisa Ghosh

How to pacify your partner after a tough rift

Because the way you handle the relationship is more important than the fight!

Fights in every relationship are inevitable. After all, you fight the most with the person you love the most. Sometimes the fights are logical, while sometimes, they might be quite silly. But what is important is how you handle the situation after that and come to a mutual understanding. So, if you and your partner get into rifts very often and do not know how to pacify the other one, you can keep reading this to get to know some secret tips we’ve told no one yet about.

Take some time for yourself

Often in every rift, we end up making it even more bitter by blabbering continuously even after the fight. Instead of that, it is better to stay alone and give yourself some time to process what just happened. In doing so, you can understand where you both went wrong, and instead of having impulsive reactions, you can talk to each other once your minds are calm and when you are in a stable state of mind to understand your partner.

Be a good listener

It is a human tendency to try and win an argument even if we know that we are wrong. This attitude might cause more causalities in your relationship, which of course, you do not want. To avoid that, you need to be a good listener. Instead of speaking to win the argument, pause for a moment and listen to what your partner has to say. This way, you not only understand their perspective but also get time to frame sentences in your mind about how you can pacify your partner so that the argument does not heat into something unwanted.

Be the greater one

At times it is the ego that spoils most of the relations, even though there is love. But if we genuinely love a person, we can’t let ego win. Likewise, after a heated argument with your partner, even if your mind says not to initiate the conversation and stick to your ego, I believe your heart will definitely say the opposite. Your heart will for sure want to talk to your partner and hope to get things sorted. So why not be the greater one and go up to your partner and start initiating a conversation? I am pretty sure, your partner would be waiting for the same thing, it’s just they won’t say it outright.

Cook or give a surprise

When your partner is angry, and you have no other idea of how to pacify them, just order their favourite snack or, even better, you can cook something for them. Might sound a little cliché, but try it, this definitely works. If you are not good at articulating your feelings, showing little gestures like cooking, giving a small massage, or buying them something they like, followed by a hug and a kiss, you can perhaps do the magic.

Let’s not let ego win over love. If you love them, you try out ways to solve the rift no matter how hard situations get.