Published By: Sougata Dutta

How To Pack A Healthy Launch

Ensure complete nutrition in your lunchbox

Most of the students and office working people do skip their lunch or have their lunch outside. And this is a very harmful habit affecting the entire generation.

Those who spend their days outside, usually leave their home after having some light breakfast and then spend their whole day under huge pressure. And lunch skips or unhealthy spicy lunches in between such a hectic daily life can easily affect the body. So, it is necessary to ensure a healthy lunch, brought from home, to ensure the necessary nutrition supply to the body.

Here are a few items discussed below which can be there in the lunchbox.

At least one fresh fruit

Fruits are great sources of energy, calories, water, vitamins, minerals, and all other nutrients. Having at least one fresh fruit daily helps to build a charged-up immunity and keeps the body fresh and energetic. For a healthy lunch, an apple or a banana or a mango or an orange or a fruit salad can be a good starter. Someone who loves to have fruits has no problem taking more than one in a day.

Sandwich is a good option

There are many advantages of fresh sandwiches. Firstly, the bread is made of Atta, which comes from wheat and is highly nutritious and filling. Secondly, a wide array of veggies can be added to a sandwich. Those who don't love vegetables, especially children, easily put those in sandwiches and have a tasty bite.

Protein is must

Lunch is incomplete without any item rich in protein. So, in the lunch, there should be one item compulsorily made with mushrooms or paneer or any other high source of protein. Keep in mind that it should be well cooked but shouldn’t be spicy or oily. Excess oil and excess spice can harm our health as well.

Must add something grainy 

Lunch should be heavy enough so that it can satiate the hunger for at least a few hours. Hence, there must be some grainy items like rice, oats, dahlia, and roti in the lunch.

For a variety of tastes, rice or oats can be prepared with different recipes. So many dishes can be prepared from rice like plain rice, jeera rice, fried rice, curd rice, pulao etc and also from oats like plain oats, masala oats, milky oats, veg oats, etc.